Blow Bubbles, Not Smoke


Anti-Tobacco Street Murals
Ambon, Indonesia

Team Members: Madison Chan, Emily Ung, Marissa Vafakos, Domenico Packman, and Annabelle Gorga

Tutor: Jessica Dunn, Alexandra Crosby

Client: Vital Strategies
As part of an interdisciplinary global studio in Ambon, Indonesia, and a local anti-tobacco campaign, our group designed and painted two site-specific street murals aimed at reducing tobacco use.

We appropriated existing slogans of local tobacco advertisements and re-contextualised them to bring attention to the anti-tobacco message; using an element of surprise to make it stand out in the already saturated media environment.
By having interactive ‘instagrammable’ photo opportunities and prompts for Indonesians to take care of their lung health, awareness is raised about the symptoms of emphysema in hopes for prevention and early detection.

The murals were designed to be clear, simple and easy for anyone to replicate.

Vital Strategies seleted to this project to launch nation wide. It was used in the Lungs on the Run event in Bali, Bogor,  Surabaya and  Bandung. Spectators blew bubbles at the runners in support.  




Sydney, Australia